Ayanda Tanzanite

Ayanda - The Queen of Tanzanite, is an exclusive range of exceptional quality loose tanzanite stones and unique tanzanite jewellery. The range has just been extended to incorporate our latest exclusive designs, all handcrafted at our in-house workshop.

The Ayanda range is known for its unusual cuts of tanzanite, and are often combined with diamonds that are cut to complement the uniqueness of the tanzanite to create clean, and contemporary pieces.

Certified tanzanites

All Ayanda tanzanites are carefully selected and graded and accompanied by a certification that guarantees colour, clarity and exceptional quality. Ayanda is committed to the development of tanzanite internationally and has adopted this unique grading system that describes and categorises tanzanite best. So you'll be assured that your piece really is the rarest of the rare.

The Legend

Thousands of years ago, on the quiet plains of the Maasai Steppe in Tanzania, lived the Maasai. Many years of drought caused their king great pain. After a mysterious dream, he announced that he would journey to the misty summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, home to the gods. He told his beloved daughter, Ayanda, to care for the people until his return. Heavy of heart, Ayanda watched her father walk towards the distant slopes.

Ayanda cared well for her people and they, in turn, adored their beautiful queen. One hot and dry night, Ayanda too was visited by a dream. Her father took her by the hand and guided her to the edge of a vast lake of violet-blue depths. Ayanda understood that her father would never return but that he was showing her the means to save their people. Ayanda set off to find the life-giving waters. For weeks she travelled arid lands. Finally she reached the foothills of Kilimanjaro where nestled in a shallow valley was the promised lake. Ayanda leaned over to drink from the waters: her father's image shone up at her from the crystal blue-violet depths. She reached to touch his face, but it disappeared amongst a swirl of ripples. On lifting her hand from the water, a small drop fell onto her lap. The drop magically transformed into a beautiful, faceted gem the deep violet-blue of the lake. And the heavens broke out with a cool, sweet rain, bringing life to her land.

Centuries later, the Maasai people were again struck with poverty. Remembering the legend of Queen Ayanda, the village elders decided to make the journey to Ayanda's fabled lake. What they found was not the blue-violet waters that legend spoke of, but a deposit of precious blue-violet gem.

The gem was named Tanzanite in honour of the Tanzanian people.